Boredom And Its Embrace

By Esfandiar Rouhani In thinking about boredom, one of the things that stands out to me is the seeming paradox involved in trying to embrace boredom. In other words, the problem I am interested in is that it seems contradictory to desire boredom. There is something inherently negative (for lack of a better word) in […]

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Classical Notions of Boredom

By Esther Kim Have you been bored lately? A quick Google search shows that the word “bored” peaked between March 22 and April 4 in this past year, right when the world began to enter a global quarantine. Thanks to the current pandemic, people from all walks of life have had to forgo most of […]

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Boredom: When Time Kills Us

By Joseph Diller In boredom, we don’t kill time, but time kills us. It’s a passivity, not an activity. As the clock ticks and boredom seizes us, we feel empty desire – a desire for desire. We reason, objectively, a lack of meaning in our life-activity and, subjectively, our own disengagement with our life-activity – […]

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