UCPR Presents: The Stanley Parable

Last quarter, we held a screening of Rear Window, a “movie about movies.” This quarter, we’d like to follow that up with an event featuring The Stanley Parable, a “video game about video games.” On February 19th, from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., head to Stuart 101 to play the game with us! You can find the Facebook event by clicking this link. 

Stanley Parable is a game of choice: do I go through this door or that? Do I disobey the narrator or comply? As such, the game invites philosophical reflection on topics such as aesthetics, free will, new media, and following narratives.

At the event, we will both make the decisions and discuss these topics collaboratively! Here’s how it works: one player will project our gameplay and, when confronted with a choice, will turn to the audience (that’s you!) for a decision. You, along with your fellow audience members, will vote for what path you’d like to take. Along the way we’ll discuss why we made certain decisions and how those decisions affected which ending (of many) we got. What decisions will we make together? Come to find out!

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